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MISSION community


“How wonderful and strange is the ability to admire the progress of nature
the sparks of hope help us envision a future rich with this classic beauty”


Serena P.P.

With the help of the earth and water that nourish the boundless spaces of the “Planet Earth”


consciously and actively responsible community informed about issues related to sustainable development, environmental protection, territory enhancement, environmentalism, and human rights. Implementing sustainable practices requires not only incorporating behaviors aimed at environmental conservation into our habits but also doing so with respect for social equality and inclusive economic growth. The desire to integrate conscious habits and ethical choices into our lifestyle thus becomes a social challenge, where we consciously choose to meet our needs without compromising the resources of future generations. All our objectives are aligned with the guidelines of the 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS outlined in the Agenda 2030.

Moana60 Spirit of Community

is a community of people who believe in the value of simplicity that connects humans with nature. Together, we learn to rediscover values sometimes forgotten amidst the rush of the modern world. The Community moves between the sea and the land with minimal means, observing its surroundings attentively to fully enjoy the unique experiences that only attention and respect for oneself and others can provide. On the boat, we learn to listen to the wind; in the mountains, we learn to gaze at the sky, and our awakened senses help us see the world with different eyes. Less is more, and what little is shared is even more beautiful. The spirit of the community lies in its people; they make the achievements we set possible. Our activities are always shared, with the desire to make them accessible to anyone who wants to participate, without placing any limits or boundaries.

In 2024, Moana60 Spirit of Community is the spokesperson for the European Community with the SIMPLE Project.